Douglas Fir Trusses

Bespoke Hand-made Douglas Fir Roof Trusses

We design and build a range of King post and queen roof trusses. With over 20 ‘standard’ designs to choose from available in diffrent widths and main beam sizes we can provide you with a quote for any type of Douglas Fir truss you might need.

Made at our workshops in Shropshire, our trusses are used widely for all types of build projects including full roofing projects for both domestic and commercial buildings.

All trusses can be delivered throughout the UK, please ask us for more details when requesting your quotation.

Note. If you require curved (tied, braced or raised) trusses, we also manufacture a wider range of trusses in Green Oak including curved options. Please enquire or visit

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Douglas Fir Roof Trusses UK

View our Full Range of King Post or Queen Roof Trusses with Indicative Pricing
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Choose any configuration from a range of King Post or Queen Trusses:

  • Standard Trusses
  • Offset Trusses
  • Boxed Trusses
  • Raised Trusses
  • Under Braced Trusses
  • Tied Trusses
  • Cross-Tied Trusses
Boxed curve tied queen roof truss in douglas fir

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